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People have been getting their dentures from Twin City Dental for over 20 years. As of January 2013, our doctors has delivered over 5700 dentures. Dr. King has also presented a study in Austria based on the analysis of “traditional dentures versus TMJ calibrated dentures? Confident in our dentists and lab techs abilities, we even offer dentures with a "worry free" warranty.

We offer 2 brands of complete dentures:
High quality and 100% patient satisfaction are our top priorities.

Classic Complete Denture 
Up to 2005, we only offered one denture brand called the Classic Denture. This is a tried and tested denture that has served many thousands of patients well. It is a vacuum form mid quality denture that sells for $699. 

Portrait Complete Denture
This is our Cadillac! The teeth used are Dentsply Portrait teeth which are strong and the most esthetic. These translucent teeth have shades of white which allows light to penetrate to imitate natural dentition. During the manufacturing process, we will have you come back to try the denture in wax form so you can see what your smile will look like or tell us of any changes you’d like done. You can even choose your individual smile designs!

You can also get your new Portrait Denture with a 5 year worry free warranty. The resin on this denture is compressed under 5000 pounds of pressure and heat treated
to make the acrylic extra strong. This is the best quality denture we can make. We grow our Bangor dental practice with happy patients. 
If you are looking for an affordable top quality esthetic denture, then chose the Portrait Denture.. 

We offer 3 brands of partial dentures:
A Partial Denture is a denture that is inserted in a dental arch that still has remaining teeth. It is always better to keep as many healthy teeth as possible. Among other things, this helps patients retain a better sense of taste. More remaining teeth almost always equal a better dental ridge for better fitting dentures. A Partial Denture can be attached to remaining teeth making it much more stable than a Full Denture.

Classic Partial Denture with metal frame
The Classic Partial Denture uses the same teeth and manufacturing process as the Complete Classic Denture. It has a chrome-cobalt metal frame.

Portrait Partial Denture with Vitallium frame
The Portrait Partial Denture has the best Dentsply esthetic teeth available. The Vitallium metal frame has a very low nickel / beryllium concentrate. It provides delicate precision cast clasps, it is thin, light weight, very strong and has a highly polished metal surface for patient comfort. 

Valplast Partial Denture
The Valplast is a thermoplastic removable Partial Denture. This partial blends well with surrounding dentition and the patient’s natural tissue. The entire frame is made of flexible plastic; it has no metal at all! It is very esthetic but is weaker than metal frame partials.

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Providing you and your family with outstanding dental services!
Dentures are manufactured in the Twin City Denture Lab!  No outsourcing results in great denture prices!
$199 Transitional Dentures. This is just another one of our great everyday packages! 
Yes, our competition may call this a gimmick to lure you in. No we don't charge more for our extractions, 
in fact our extraction fees are lower than insurance approved fees. And yes, a similar denture elsewhere is over $800.00. 

The $199 denture is part of our full service package. It's simple, if you have teeth extracted by one of our dentists, you will get a Transitional Denture for just $199